Safety & Security




Maintaining a safe and secure environment for children is of the utmost importance. In addition to our strong educational component (a mix of academics and play), staff-to-student ratios are strictly adhered to at all times. Our authorized pick-up person policy allows parents to use a private access code to enter and leave the Center during hours of operation. Your additional authorized pick-up persons will be buzzed in by the Administration Office and asked to provide photo ID as part of our policy. The following steps are in place as part of our security procedure:

Electronic Entry –

  • Our entryway includes a secured code, so only staff and families with the protected code can access the entrance. Unauthorized visitors are prohibited from accessing the building.

Hiring Process –

  • Teachers are required to successfully complete extensive State and Federal background investigations.

Front Desk –

  • Our front desk staff is trained on security procedures, including our authorized pick-up person policy. Parents can be sure that their children are developing in a environment free from concerns related to unauthorized entry.  Our watchful eyes are always focused on safety, as all guests are required to sign-in and provide photo ID for visits.

Police Alert & Fire Alarm System –

  • Our center is monitored by the Montgomery County Fire Department and equipped with smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system. Each room has a speaker system where announcements are made alerting staff to necessary information.

C.P.R. & First Aid –

  • All staff are certified in C.P.R. & First Aid treatment.

Child Release –

  • Children will only be released to those individuals whom parents have listed in the child’s enrollment records. These individuals most possess photo ID at all times.