“Bye-Bye Pacifier” – Teachers Blog

“Bye-Bye Pacifier” – Teachers Blog

By: QTLC Staff Member

January 30, 2017


SUBMITTED BY: Nicole Clark (QTLC Staff)

Do you have a child who won’t let go of the pacifier? Studies have shown that pacifiers are helpful in reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); however, prolonged use can have adverse effects. Though pacifiers can calm babies and help soothe them during fussy times, they can also cause dental problems such as teeth shifting, palate deformation, mouth breathing, dry mouth, tooth decay, and speech delays. How can we help our little ones manage a timely transition away from pacifier use and prevent oral fixation or related health problems?

In an article titled “Parting with the Pacifier: How to Break the Habit” in Washington Parent magazine, author Malia Jacobson lists five great new strategies to help your child to break the habit.  One strategy, the Pacifier Bear (Jacobson, 2016), involves a fun activity and stuffed animals which children will love.  Plan a family field trip to Build-A-Bear and, during the process, ask your child to place the pacifier inside the bear along with the stuffing.  Afterwards, your child will be able to keep close and sleep tight with their favorite memorable toy.

For more tips on how to help your little one to part with their “dear old friend,” read the full article here: https://washingtonparent.com/articles/1611/1611-parting-with-the-pacifier-how-to-break-the-habit.php

Recommended reading:

·         “Pacifiers Are Not Forever,” by Elizabeth Verdick

·         “The Last Noo-Noo,” by Jill Murphy.


Jacobson, M. (2016, November). Parting With the Pacifier: How to Break the Habit. Washington Parent, pp. 50-51.





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